Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing programs provide some form of support to their tenants. There is a wide variety of support systems. Some organizations provide full time live in staff support, some provide support during business hours and others provide weekly or bi-weekly support and are available on-call for emergencies

Explore the categories below and to the right for more information about specific supportive housing options in Toronto:

Mental Health

1. The Access Point – also known as The Toronto Mental Health and Addictions Access Point

CASH – Coordinated Access to Supportive Housing and Access (the coordinated access point to individual mental health supportive services) have recently integrated to form The Mental Health and Addictions challenges, including the Supportive Housing for People with Problematic Substance Use program and the Mental Health and Justice Supportive Housing Program.


1. Fife House

Fife House’s mission is to provide secure and affordable supportive housing and support services for persons living with HIV/AIDS. They believe that access to secure affordable housing is a key determinant for the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS.
More information and application: 416-205-9888

2. Casey House

  • Hospice and independent living environments
  • Assists clients with symptom and pain management, offering advice and support as client acclimates to new drugs, challenging side-effects and restrictive medication schedule
  • Provides continuity of expert, appropriate care as client’s needs change over time
  • Compassionate end-of-life care

More information: (416) 962-7600

3. Barrett House

  • Accommodation for those who are homeless and unsupported living with HIV/AIDS
  • Staff are available 24 hours per day

More information: Call (416) 869-3619

4.  McEwan Housing and Support Services

  • For homeless individuals coping with HIV, issues of mental health, and/or substance abuse
  • Program consist of both a Residential and Community Support Program
  • 24-hour crisis support is provided

More information: Call (416) 929-6228

5.  The Wellesley Central Residence

  • Toronto’s first affordable housing complex designed to accommodate both seniors in need of moderate assistance and people living with HIV/AIDS

More information: Call (416) 925-9871 ext. 4903

Deaf and Blind

1. Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf


  • The Progressive Independent Living Program assists residents with development of communication, daily living, community awareness and behaviour management skills.
  • For individuals living with developmental and/or physical disabilities, who require visual communication (i.e. sign language, Blissymbolics, picture symbols, etc.)
  • 24/7 residential care provided


More information: 416-449-9651 TTY: 416-449-2728 or to leave a video message click here.

Developmentally and Physically Challenged

1. Vincent and DePaul Home & Martineau Homes (Society of St Vincent de Paul)

  • Supports the resident’s spiritual, physical and emotional needs
  • 24 hour care is provided
  • The majority of the residents are seniors

More Information:

  • De Paul House: 416-265-2605
  • Martineau House: 416-431-4147
  • Vincent House: 416-724-2455

2. Frank Drea House – Operation Springboard

  • Shared group home
  • For young men who are socially, physically and developmentally disabled
  • Support services include case management, medication supervision and life skills programs
  • 24/7 staff support available
  • Professional and self-referrals accepted

More Information:  416-465-9477

3. New Visions Toronto

  • Supportive group housing (from 2 bedroom condos – 6 bedroom homes)
  • 24 hour residential support provided
  • For adults and children with developmental and/or physical disabilities (including those with complex needs)

More Information:

For individuals under the age of 18:
Phone Number: 416-325-0500 TTY: 416-325-3600
Fax Number: 416-325-0565

For individuals over the age of 18:
Phone Number: 1-855-DS-ADULT (1-855-372-3858) TTY:

4. Rotary Cheshire Homes

  • Supportive housing building with 16 one-bedroom apartments
  • Rent is geared-to-income
  • Tenants are responsible for their own meals, financing and personal care
  • For active adults and seniors who are deaf-blind

More Information:  416-730-9501 TTY: 416-730-9187

5. Aptus Treatment Centre for Complex Disabilities

  • Supportive residential living for children and adults for people with complex disabilities, as well as female-only kosher residence.

More Information:  416-633-5775 ext. 125

6. Meta Centre

  • Group living residences for people living with developmental, cognitive, behavioral and mental health challenges.

More Information:  416-736-0199 ext. 334

7. Oakdale Services

  • Residential and transitional housing for children and adolescents living on the autism spectrum or with developmental delay.

More Information:  416-699-5600

8. The Safehaven Project for Community Living

  • Housing for children living with multiple disabilities

More Information:  416-699-5600

9. St. Mark’s (Don Mills) Non Profit Housing Corporation

  • Some RGI apartments for singles, families, seniors and people with disabilities

More Information:  416-445-2706

10. Surex Community Services

  • Residential and Community Supports Programming to adults who have a variety of disabilities

More Information:  416-299-0202


1. Ecuhome Corporation

  • Rent geared to income
  • Permanent shared housing for single adults on low or fixed income and who may have mental health issues, be recently incarcerated, hospitalized, in treatment for addictions, in the shelter system or in an abusive situation.
  • There are 8 accessible units
  • Staff support includes referral to community resources, life skills training, advocacy, mediation and problem solving

More Information and application: 416-537-1334 ext. 1

2. Deep Quong Non-Profit Homes

  • Supportive and multicultural housing environment
  • Furnished housing with shared kitchens, common areas and bathrooms
  • 90% of units are rent geared-to-income

More Information and application: 416-340-7918

3. CRC Self-Help Inc.


  • Shared supportive housing, each home with its own tenant-made rules
  • Tenants share household chores
  • 24/7 staff support provided when necessary


More Information: 416-519-6389 Press 0

Application Process:   Application and interview required.  Successful candidates are put on a waiting list, then interviewed again by residents of the house when a vacancy is available.

4. Homes First Society: Shuter

  • For older men and women dealing with issues including addiction, alcoholism, mental health and aging
  • Has 18 units for people previously hospitalized through partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and Pilot Place

More Information: (416) 214-1870 Referrals from housing workers are  accepted